I thank God today that through His grace I now own successful businesses that provides jobs to the city of Pasadena. Since 2004, I realized to be successful, I had to put God, family, and country first. As a life-long resident, I started working in the landfill in 2007, then I got hired in landscape for the City of Pasadena. At that point, I worked my way up through the City of Pasadena in five different departments to becoming a health inspector.

In the midst of working with the city, I started my company, Advance Industry. I received a few jobs with banks securing properties, then landed a contract with a large food processing company. I asked God to help me and with His help, I promised Him I would build an orphanage. Six months later, I made more money than I ever made in my life. I took that as a sign and purchased a property to build an orphanage. I ended up connecting with people who run an orphanage and donated the land in 2015 and continue to work with them to this day. In the last five years, I ended up traveling the world and expanding my businesses in different countries that include import/export. I am extremely fortunate to do business globally.

Four years ago, I went from working with a one-billion-dollar company to working with billionaires, celebrities, and a Fortune 500 company. I have purchased residential and commercial real estate throughout Pasadena and my main office being in Pasadena.

With my hard work ethic, along with my wife and three children that I have as support and motivation, I believe that God will bless us with the best city that Pasadena has ever seen.

That is why I am asking for your vote. David Flores for Mayor.